Sicilian wine tasting

If you are a wine lover

The Val di Noto has many excellent wines as Nero d’Avola and Moscato di Noto and other PGI labels are present in our wine cellar and list.

A tasting of the best wines of the region will certainly enrich your experience at La Corte del Sole.


Estremo Sud

Led by our sommeliers, you will taste 3 selected wines produced

by one of the best local winery.

The rural triangle, drawed by Pachino, Noto and Rosolini, surrounding our Hotel

is traditionally devoted to wine production area.

The wines will accompanied by a tasting of local traditional food (cheese selection, dry sausage,

bread dressed with origan and extra virgin olive oil, almond biscuits, Sicilian cannoli.


Please ask for additional information at the reception desk.