Sicilian wine tasting

If you are a wine lover

The Val di Noto has many excellent wines as Nero d’Avola and Moscato di Noto and other PGI labels are present in our wine cellar and list.

A tasting of the best wines of the region will certainly enrich your experience at La Corte del Sole.

Estremo Sud

During the experience you will taste 3 Sicilian dry wines and 1 Sicilian sweet wine

produced on Mountain Etna region and  in South Eastern Sicily

for knowing through the taste all the richness of our territory, accompanied by a

tasting of local products* (sicilian cheese and cured meats Slow Food presidium

selection, Bread dressed with Extravirgin Olive Oil and Origan, “bruschetta” with fish,

little chunks of codfish, Sicilian Caponatina, Sicilian pastry)